What well-known designers offer for teenagers?

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Most of girls love dresses, bright accessories and fashionable T-shirts. Let's start with the dresses, this season Billieblush brand offers two dresses, one is a light dress with straps on the every day, in pink, blue and yellow colors. And the second dress is more appropriate for some events. This dress with short sleeves and a bright golden color, undoubtedly your girl will not stay unnoticed. Another cute dress offer designers of Patachou brand, this dress is delicate pale pink, sleeveless and with a beautiful collar, and with a shimmering effect. Shirt is also one of the important items of clothing in the wardrobe of girl. Brand DKNY offers gentle peach-colored T-shirt with the logo of the brand in the middle. And now let’s talk about accessories, one of the most important accessories is the handbag, designers of Hucklebones London brand offer bag in silver color with small blue flowers, the bag is opened by a zipper. This bag is suitable for both, and for an important event and for every day. Another important accessory is a hair ornament, brand Ballon Chic presents a simple but elegant hoop for hair, in white color with bow at the side. Of course all of these outfits need beautiful shoes. Famous brand Monnalisa represent to your attention the elegant pale lilac shoes decorated with a flower on the toes. Sometimes summer is cold, that is why designers of Carrement Beau brand present gentle peach-colored jacket with a zipper, and with pockets on both sides. Choosing clothes for your child, you should be sure that it will not only look modern and beautiful, but also feel good in it.

Choose quality clothing your baby and remember that summer should be comfortable! You may buy everything for you children on our online store quickly and without any problems.

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Designers sport wear for kids

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Most of boys prefer sports clothing style, and creating new collections for boys, designers have taken this into account. T-shirt, one of the important elements of clothes for boys, Karl Lagerfeld Kids presents a bright red T-shirt with the logo of the brand. Billybandit also chose red color for shirts, but with a print “Tiger Super Hero”. Little Marc Jacobs offers a white T-shirt but the print is very unique, it is simply impossible to describe. For cold weather every boy needs a jacket, Billybandit presents a blue jacket with corsairs on both sides, but with one interesting element, the hood is designed as a bandit mask. Young Versace could not stay away and offers a blue sweat pants with multicolored baroque Damien print on both sides. However, in the boy's life there are moments in life when you have to wear a shirt and shoes. Brand Paul Smith Junior offers short-sleeved shirt, in blue, and in the Hawaiian style. As for shoes, Moschino brand presents blue loafers and with the brand logo. For the boy's cap is an important accessory and only such brand as Nike will give you a possibility to buy it for your boy. Blue cap with the logo of the brand ahead. Clothes for the boy should be strong. Boys love action games. Therefore, the thin fabric clothes can tear just a few walks.

When purchasing clothing, consider the child's wishes. Do not buy the things that he does not like, or they will gather dust on a shelf in the wardrobe. If you and your child like the same store, most likely that you will be offered discounts in this shop.


All these clothes may be bought in our online store. If you find it difficult to make a choice - the consultants of our store will gladly help you and answer any questions.

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New Season Children Designers Clothing

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Don’t hesitate and purchase this lovely dress by Simonetta to your baby girl. It comes with a lovely white smart collar and short puffed cuffs. The waist is gathered with frills. The skirt is finely embroidered with a print of ladies. The bottom has a cotton lining and an upper tulle layer. It fastens with a zip at the back all along the item.

Bright pink colored T-shirt by Pampolina is perfect clothing for young girl for summer season. This one has short sleeves, but they are frilled; and it has three layers of different vivid colors. The front of the T-shirt has a bright lettering “Love”. It also embroidered with small diamante gems that add some luxury to the item.

More and more parents tend to purchase special sets of clothing for their children, as it is practical and convenient for using. Tommy Hilfige has a nice offer for baby girl. A lovely set of a white top with a print of a panorama of city is combined with bright pink shorts. The two pieces can be also worn separately.

This bosyvest by UBANG is already adored by both parents and their babies. What a bright combination of colors! Red, orange and pink colors create a remarkable design of the item. the image of a gray mouse’s head is placed on the front. Besides, lower part comes in striped pattern. The bodyvest has long sleeves.

Make your baby girl look fantastic with a pair of shoes by Little Marc Jacobs. The main feature of them is that the footwear comes in the look of a mouse. The pre-walkers are of pale pink color with golden details of a mouse face. The toes are open – it is an advantage of the item. An elasticated strap is placed on top for easy putting on.

Each girl must look remarkable while spending time at the seaside. With a swimming suit by Billieblush she will have the most style appearance. This one comes in stripes pattern. The bright red color is combined with white. The neck line and the waist are embroidered with bright frills. Besides, the item is made from soft and stretchy fabric.

A pack of two lovely baby bibs for small girls by Monnalisa Bebe is already here. The set is an ideal present for a newborn. The design amazes! Look at this spring style, created in white and pink colors. One bib has a bird print with a cage; the other has a pink colored lettering with colorful flowers. The accessory is embroidered with frills of pale pink color around.

A soft dress made from lightweight cotton is offered by Kenzo. The pink color looks very nice with the print of a tiger’s head on the front. The dress has short sleeves, round neck and a floaty skirt. Poppers at the back are used for quick fastening.

This cute babygrow perfectly suits to a stylish baby girl. The spotted pattern looks fantastic. The item comes with ling sleeve and closed toes. a nice frilled neck line makes the cloth look more impressive. There are two pockets on the front too.

Caps serve not only as a protective accessory against the hot sun, but also as a stylish item for young boys. This cap is designed especially due to the last tendencies in fashion. The red color will attract the view at once. It is embroidered with all over prints of black palms and the logo of the brand. The back buckle is adjustable.

A stylish babygrow by iDo is the perfect gift for a new born. The item comes with black and white stripes, and red trims at toes, collar and cuffs. The babygrow has long sleeves of white color. A nice picture of a sailor bear is placed on the front. Each baby boy will have a stunning look if wearing this clothing.

Shorties are very comfortable for wearing, especially during summer time. They come as one piece clothing and have special poppers for changing nappies. Ralph Lauren advices this stylish model of bright red color. It has short sleeves of black color. The item is made from natural fabric in order not to cause harm to the baby skin.

Though summers are hot, babies require warm clothes in case it is getting colder. This sweater can serve as nice addition to the whole outfit. The item is of pale blue color with an elephant in the front and one sleeve. The jersey is made from cotton and will keep the child warm.

As the child starts walking, parents buy him special pre-walkers that will support right stepping. It is very important to provide the kid with quality shoes with good fitting. Easy Peasy offer leather pre-walkers of bright red color. An elasticated sole is used for putting them on and off. A funny image is placed on the front of them.

Denim jeans by Tommy Hilfiger are designed in a special style. They are light weighted and soft; create a nice feeling on body. The waist is elasticated and come in black and white stripes with a tie. It helps with fastening the trousers. There are pockets on front and back.

Provide your baby boy with a casual T-shirt for making a cool and trendy style. This top by GF Ferre perfectly goes with denim trousers and shorts. The front is embroidered with squared maritime image. The short sleeves and neck line are of dark blue color. The soft fabric is perfect for wearing during hot sunny days.

Zip-up top by iDo looks very cool, doesn’t it? Each young boy would like to add this item to his wardrobe. It can be worn with a pair of jeans; then a causal style will be achieved; or track bottom for more sportive look. The jacket has a hood and two side pockets.

Today parents tend to purchase stylish bibs for their newborns. A pack of three unique pieces is offered by DSquared2. They all are of white color, but each is embroidered with funny print of animals: an elephant, lobster and koala. The bibs are fastened with poppers at back.

This summer season young girls can enjoy the wide variety of T-shirts by Illudia; pay attention to this white colored top with a nice blue lettering with brisk diamante gems on it. Cute pale yellow butterflies come along it. The shirt is of traditional style that especially suit to a casual look.

A dress like this by I Pinco Pallino can create a nice festive look of a young girl. The first layer is of beige color, but a white cotton upper with incuts cover it and make a stylish look of the whole dress. But a big flower on the shoulder adds luxury and uniqueness to the item. Bright green leaves embroider the rest of the dress.

Hair bands are the must-have of each stylish girl. They can definitely change the style and add originality. Try this wide hair band with a big purple flower on the top; it is accompanied with additional yellow details. This accessory is comfortable for wearing on head and doesn’t squeeze or cause harm.

What a unique combination of denim and chiffon fabrics has Fun & Fun used in the last model of jackets. This one looks very stylish and remarkable. The denim front looks nicely with chiffon sleeves and back of white color. The item fastens with buttons, but there are also two zippers at both sides on the front; but they are decorative only.

Young Versace is known for interesting designs and lovely patterns. Look at this floaty skirt of nice yellow color with purple flowers on it. The waist is adjustable and makes good fitting. There is a special tie too. the skirt is made from natural cotton, which is also a bit stretchy. Try to wear it with a white T-shirt or a blouse.

Summer shorts by Billieblush have a zigzag pattern at their main feature. It comes in golden and pink thread and placed at the front. The denim bottoms are of pale blue color; soft and sooth fabric will provide the girl with pleasant feeling. The shorts will go greatly with any kind of top, but the most remarkable look they will get with a bright T-shirt.

A festive dress is offered by Simonetta for young ladies. The item is of pale yellow color and beautifully embroidered with floral pattern on an upper tulle fabric. The lower layer is made from soft cotton. The short sleeves are frilled. A tulle ruffle goes around the waist too. Choose style sandals and the look will be ready.

A straw bag is very popular accessory during this summer season; it looks fantastic with a lovely colorful dress. This one by Mayoral is a lid shaped with an opened upper part. Delicate flowers of white and orange color with green leaves, embroider the front of the bag. There is a special wide white thread, which can be hung on shoulder for carrying.

Flip-flops are very comfortable for wearing in summer. The leg is totally open and aired. Miss Blumarine offers these stylish shoes of pale yellow color. They have an original design thanks the big flower on the front. Brisk diamante gems are attached to the flower and add chic to it. The footwear is made from quality rubber.

A jacket, which combines denim and cotton fabrics, is one of the trendiest clothing for children during this season. A nice item by Steiff is designed for boys; the front seems to be like a classic jeans jacket, but long sleeves and hems are of gray colored cotton with blur strips. You can fasten it with a convenient zip at the front.

Protect your child from bright sun rays with a stylish cap by Roberto Cavalli. The main thing about the cap is the mesh black colored back. The front has a big logo of the brand, designed with chic. The embroidery is of green and blue color. The rest of the item is of white color. Adjust it according the head with a buckle at the back.

Young boys like to create stunning look, wearing remarkable jeans. But these pair of denim trousers by Fun & Fun looks very attractive; look at the washed and faded effect. How stylish it looks like. There is a silver chain attached to the belt with a loop. Dark patches are placed on legs too.

“Make me smile” says the lettering on Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt. yes, summer makes us smile and be happy. But in order to be in good mood all day, put on this nice top of white color. The classic style will perfectly suit to a casual look with a pair of jeans or other cotton trousers.

Those young boys, who are fond of sports, can choose this T-shirt by Molo with a number in the front of it. It is made in a basketball top style with mesh texture. Black and white colors successfully combined too. the sleeves are short and the neck is round shaped.

Are you looking for a nice classic T-shirt for young boy? Have this one by DSquared2. The back of this T-shirt is longer than the front. The hem comes in round shape. The logo of the brand is printed on the front in black color. A nice look will be achieved with a pair of dark blue jeans.

A polo T-shirt is represented by Ralph Lauren in the last children collection. This model is designed in a sportive style with a number 3 on the sleeve. Green, yellow and blue colors look bright. A black pony is placed on the chest, as the logo of the brand. Notice, that the green back is a bit longer that the front.

Denim Bermuda shorts are the clothing that many young boys would like to have in their wardrobe this year. they are made on a faded style. The hems can be also turned up. The cotton is soft and lightweight, so the shorts won’t be uncomfortable for wearing in summer. Try them with a bright T-shirt or polo.

Trainers are the most comfortable footwear for a boy, who is fond of appending a lot of time outdoor. A cool deigns of these shoes by Fendi looks attractive. Besides, the trainers are slip on and don’t require any special fastening; they are very convenient for wearing. The bright blue textile uppers are combined with a white rubber sole.

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Sunny Girls Designers Outfit

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When the sun is shining bright, a stylish girl should shine as well. A vivid yellow color is the best and favorite one during this season. But not all the time the weather promises to be warm. Sometimes it is necessary to put on a warm jacket. Just for this reason Pinko represents this lovely leather jacket with a zip-zap at one side. Two side pockets are placed at the front of the piece. Special cotton patches are used on the elbows and back.

Summer is usually the season when most festivals and holidays are celebrated. For such special and festive occasion Young Versace offers this yellow colored dress. It is sleeveless – what is perfect for a warm sunny day. The dress is lightly embroidered with a cute waist purple trim. The piece is of A-line shape, which matches the tiny waist of a young girl. The logo of the brand – the Medusa head – is placed on the hem of the cloth. The dress is fastened with a zip at its back.

These GF Ferre bright yellow shorts will be for sure adored by your child. They will match any pale or colorful T-shirt with short or long sleeves. The pair is made from high quality cotton, which will pride the kid with comfort. Two big pockets at both sides add some stylishness to the whole item. A regular fit shorts have also special cuffs that can be turned up at any time. in such way the item will look differently and will suit to wear for the beach.

Monnalisa is a brand, which focused on making an ideal feminine appearance of a young lady. Each cloth is made with great attention to each detail and element. A tulle skirt will fit to a birthday party or any other festive activity. It has a comfortable adjustable waist too. The piece is supplied with a soft lining under the skirt, made from high quality cotton. Your small girl should try it on with a lovely short sleeved top of white color. It will look amazing.

A great variety of colors is available in Zoobug brand. Choose any one from the new collection. But pay a special attention to these bright sunglasses. The yellow color will fit a lovely dress and bright T-shirt during this summer season. The Square shape of sunglasses is very popular now; don’t wait any more and please your girl with the trendy accessory by Zoobug. Moreover, it won’t only look remarkable, but also protect your kid from bright sun rays when spending time in a hot sun.

Moschino Kid-Teen has made a wonderful model of girlish pumps especially for your girl. In order to serve for long time, a high quality leather is used as a base of the shoes. It will be very convenient to put them on and take off, as a special Velcro strap is used a reliable fastening. The designers have placed the name of the brand at the front, having made a cute colorful lettering.

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Leather attaché cases

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Designer handbag – it is like a diamond, once buying it you’ll never regret about this purchase! It does not matter what brand name you prefer, Chanel, Gucci, Dior, D&G, LV etc. it depends on your taste only. Real designer handbags have timeless design, so it is a must have in every wardrobe. Sure, designers handbags usually cost a lot, but how something really beautiful and eye-catching can be cheap? But there are some tricks how you can save money buying real designer handbag. First, BUY ONLINE, it is always cheaper to buy handbag online that in boutique, also, some times well-known fashion brands propose something like “only for internet sale”, so buying such a designer handbag you can be sure that it is more exclusive that designer handbag purchased in the boutique. Second, buy online on SALES. ZZZfashion proposes you season sales as well as all year round designer handbags sales, and there is no need to stay in the overcrowded shop… it is very comfortable and easy to buy great designer handbag on sale online!
Please, remember: It is always better to buy one real designer handbag, than to buy 3-4 cheap fake “designer handbags”.

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Leather attaché cases

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Leather attaché cases are a perfect embodiment of all that one expects from this kind of accessories. Great leather, effective combination locks, comfortable leather handle, and even the presence of wheels for easy transport on the road.
Leather attaché cases will not fail with their quality, storage capacity, personality and style. Leather attaché cases are created exclusively from the finest Italian leather, which is treated with special modern technology. Leather attaché cases highlight the style and status of its owner, and will reliably serve him for many years. Every detail in Leather attaché cases processed by hand and is made only of high quality and durable material. Leather attaché cases will be a reliable assistant as just to hold the securities, and on the road.
Leather attaché cases can be purchased as the gift for a friend or boss, and a buyer can be sure that this gift will be really pleasant to get for every business person. It will reliably serve its owner, while remaining fashionable and stylish, even many years later. In order to save time and to choose without haste the appropriate option among a wide variety, one can take the opportunity to buy a Leather attaché cases online.

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Leather workbags

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Leather workbags are branded handbags made of Italian leather, handcrafted, using materials and headset only of the highest quality for successful and confident men, which at the time of travel or business trips do not forget about maintaining their style. The collections of the male line brand Leather workbags are classic travel bags with a simple design of high-quality dark-colored leather.
In any case, all represented in the collections of models Leather workbags have one distinctive feature: thanks to the thoughtful design and convenience they will be wonderful companions for active men. It is enough just to note that along with high durability all models of Leather workbags have plenty of spacious pockets and compartments, sturdy handles and shoulder straps, secure fasteners and locks, and therefore able to make any trip enjoyable and comfortable.
Interior finishing of Leather workbags is not worse than look and quality of Italian leather, from which the models of Leather workbags are made. With its classic look and high quality, models of Leather workbags have gained immense popularity among men all over the world and now it is hardly possible to find someone who would have refused from the opportunity to buy Leather workbags online.

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Leather briefcases

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People, who have reached certain heights in their career and social life, care about where to buy business accessories (e.g., Leather briefcases). Business people know the price and quality and want to be assured that the money is paid not only for the briefcase, purse or wallet, and for a thing which is an expression of status and style.
Leather briefcases are irreplaceable in everyday life of a business person. Today not only women's and men's bags, purses and wallets for women, but also the classic portfolios are becoming more popular.
Classical Leather briefcases seem to be saying about the nature of its owner, emphasizing its good taste and punctuality. Exclusive model of Maxwell Scott's luxury leather briefcases for those who appreciate true quality and reliability, and they are very popular and so today it is very easy to buy Leather briefcases online.
Leather briefcases have become indispensable in everyday life of the modern businessman, while they are also providing comfort and stylish look. Received as a gift such Leather briefcases, boss or beloved one will appreciate the attention to their status.
Leather briefcases are a thing that is not only a convenient container for carrying papers, but also protect them from crushing, disordering, and the light rain and other natural disasters that can ruin the look of a document, and sometimes its legal significance.

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Leather conference folders

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Leather conference folders are a good alternative for the portfolio, when the minimum weight plays a big role, along with a business style and respectability. After all, Leather conference folders are the result of true art of fashion.
In their models, Leather conference folders from Maxwell Scott combine the highest quality with the latest design ideas. And, of course, company uses only natural and high quality leather in the production.
Leather conference folders are difficult to confuse with other companies' products. All products have their own unique face and style. The range is constantly updated; each item is produced in small editions, so almost everything is individual and exclusive.
Leather conference folders allow highlighting the status of its owner, create a favorable image. Leather conference folders are primarily designed for men, and are distinguished by the time-tested accuracy and reliability.
Leather conference folders are of the most popular accessories, which are not only strong and durable, but also very simple and practical. It is important for everyone to buy a model that is attractive, will satisfy all the requirements that apply to a particular product.
Thus Leather conference folders are so popular among customers and every day hundreds of business people buy Leather conference folders online to save time, but stay stylish in all situations.

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Leather doctor bags

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Leather doctor bags are an essential attribute for a doctor who visits his patient out of the office and, therefore, forced to carry a set of essential tools, medicines and important documents which should have their own places in his bag.
Leather doctor bags are specially designed for convenience and comfort of professionals. Leather doctor bags, as well as any other products of Maxwell Scott, are made exclusively from natural leather with the use of manual labor. The creators of Leather doctor bags worried about the need to take into account the specifics of a given product line.
Leather doctor bags should be primarily practical and suitable not only for the storage of medicines, but also for travel and everyday use.
Leather doctor bags completely satisfy all the desires of their owners. Leather doctor bags delight their customers so that every detail in this product is designed to trifles.
Leather doctor bags will be a wonderful present or a professional holiday or birthday. Leather doctor bags are possible to buy almost at all of the best boutiques in the world, and you can save time searching for and selecting then if just take the opportunity to buy Leather doctor bags online.

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